Sweet Find #1


My mother aSweetfindctually bought my first set of these in 2016, I fell in love with them and never took them off (Until they broke) which isn’t such a bad thing, as I’ve been told several times a broken prayer bracelet means that your blessings will come true. My mom actually bought me another set this year, and of course I have them on now. These bracelets are from a company called My Saint My Hero, they create jewelry that embodies blessings through prayer and the belief that love is real. Every crafted piece is handmade and prayed over. I love wearing these pieces as I feel like I have a constant reminder on my wrist that God is watching over me.


This collection is called blessing bracelets, Click Here to check out the website.

Challenge #1 The list

Started by writing all of the negative traits about myself, before my pen even hit the page my initial thought was ‘hey this is going to be so easy, I’m so flawed I might have to take up a few pages for this list.’

As I was creating this list I thought to myself, ‘wow you really are a sad human being… look at all the things that are wrong about you… look how much you dislike yourself.’ My list almost filled the whole page. Towards the end I felt as if some of my negative traits were being repeated in different ways. I think I wrote all of the synonyms for being ‘lonely’. That is when I realized that I’d exhausted the list of all the things I don’t like/ can improve about myself. Took a moment to reflect on all of the words I wrote down; emotional, flabby, judgey, just to name a few. And felt pretty terrible, and to be honest that was my goal. ( I know, its crazy to want to feel crappy) but it was to make the next part of the list enlightening.

The next section was solely for all of the positive things that I love about myself, I started off slow, thinking to myself about how this portion of the challenge will be way to hard to think of what good I have to offer. But honestly as I started writing, I couldn’t stop.  I could’ve filled an extra page, of all the good I found in myself. I surprised myself, that I could identify all of the beauty within me. And I began to feel a little proud, (and maybe a tad big headed). All of a sudden all the negativity I saw in myself was so miniscule, and unimportant I looked at the negative list and began to realize all of the things I wrote down, where things I could work on and change if I really wanted to. Those traits don’t define me as a person, and my good outweighed the bad.  Challenge1

Self care takeaway: Write it out, visual understandings create a clearer conscious.

Starting over.

These are dark times, the challanges in my life are hitting me all at once. In the process of all of my disparities, I have lost touch with myself. Im in need of finding my purpose & happiness. I’ve decided that I need to stick to my dreams and desires. This blog is a journey into self-care & awareness. It wont be perfect, but it will be a place for expression, positivity , & Self-Care aka Me time.

So, Hi my name is Chloe :)… And im back.



Don’t be Your own Obstacle.


I feel as if I’m an expert on this topic, because I’ve been my own obstacle for the longest… And I can speak about this from the bottom of my heart, don’t become a victim of your own comfort. 


Comfort Zone Quotes - A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but n

Really, I know it’s amazing to be comfortable,  you  get use to putting out the bare minimum for the same results…And it becomes your norm.

But, the norm can get boring…

If you were stuck, like me you probably still are stuck trying to gather yourself, you’ll eventually see that  you haven’t accomplished any of your main goals. That life is passing you by, and you no longer can tell Monday apart from Friday…(Seriously, no joy in looking forward to the weekends anymore, bummer).

And that’s just not acceptable! Especially if you really want so much more for yourself!

Ask yourself the following and after you ask/answer ask why!:

  • When I have a great opportunity do I doubt myself?
  • Do I always tell myself that I’m not good enough?
  • Do I settle?
  • Am I on the path to follow my dreams?
  • Do I put myself last/ procrastinate?
  • Am I afraid to try/experience new things?why-pic
  • Do I get offended by constructive criticism?
  • Do I let people know how I feel?
  • Am I afraid of rejection?
  • If I were to die today, can I say I’ve lived the life I wanted?
  • Am I truly happy?

What is your outcome? Are you an Obstacle? Why are you an obstacle?What is holding you back?

For me it’s my self esteem…My #1 problem is telling myself I’m not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough, etc… And that type of thinking has kept so much away from me.And it’s sad to say but those thought’s are just things people said about me (bullies in school)… And its crazy because I was a kid and those people are sooo out of my life now. Yet I still harvested their negative thoughts/energy about me and now I’m using that negativity and holding myself back…. (Seriously just had an aha moment) That’s what you call a self-fulfilling prophecy, whatever we believe about ourselves (whatever the resource), is how we live our lives. So think about it, If you tell yourself you’re not good enough to try then guess what, you wont be and you shouldn’t waste your time trying. It’s harsh to say but if you’re going to be negative about it then you should expect a negative outcome. So, speak positive of yourself I promise if you think you can succeed  you will!


You & I, we are worth so much more than the life of a settler. I think it’s just important to remind yourself that you deserve more… More knowledge, more challenges, more love, more experiences, more fails, more triumphs… JUST MORE! You are who you want to be, and if you aren’t you should work hard until you get there. Be & stay as positive as you can, keep pushing don’t let people create your destiny, THAT’S FOR YOU TO DO!!

 Experience as much as you desire, just try, and stop letting no be your first and final answer!

Last but not least don’t regret anything, never be you’re own worst enemy. ♥



Ungrateful Success

Why is it so hard to be grateful for what we have already? I asked myself that today as I was moping about, I just received really good news this week about getting the job I always wanted… Instead of celebrating, I was laying in bed feeling down asking myself ‘what’s next?’. As all the negativity started to fill my head I started focusing on what I don’t have, telling myself like ‘yea you’re so accomplished, yet your still suffering with acne, single, and broke.’ It got so bad I started crying, and that didn’t help anything it just intensified my self loathing.  I had to seriously take a moment to myself and ask why? Why does good news make me think badly of myself and what I’m lacking.

And I realized I’m human, most of us are conditioned to never being fully satisfied no matter how much or what we accomplish. ( I envy those who are completely content). We always want more, as for me I know I feel as if I have so much more to do before I can consider myself an acclaimed individual. Once I reach something I want, I check that off the list and start to stress about all the other things I need/want to experience. It’s not hard to point the finger at society and the media for making the majority of us feel as if we need more to be accepted.

Of course it’s  beautiful to want more and to work hard.But at what moment do we find our true peace?

Our wants are a selfish part of our mind, they never let us fully enjoy the goals that are already obtained, instead they are focused on doing the next thing bigger and better.

It feels so ugly but is that what makes humanity great? Is that what makes me continue to try to get rid of my acne, find love, and be successful?  Is that why people compete, and try new things? Think about why we put ourselves out in the open, vulnerable to the world. We need to be satisfied We’re never content, that’s why we keep going.

So is being ungrateful positive or negative ?

Can we say it possesses both sides of the spectrum?

Who knows how it works…However, I do believe if you can’t always be grateful at least be thankful for what you have. ❤️


Take a drive.

Photo by me. 🙂

A good way to relax, is to take a drive…alone. Go anywhere, drive as far as you need to heal. I sometimes find myself hoping in the car late at night to just drive until my mind is at ease. It’s really calming when you feel like you just need sometime for yourself. I usually find myself driving to a spot overlooking the city, it’s wonderful to see all of the lights twinkling in the distance, it just reminds me of the beauty of life and it always brings me peace.

Just thought I’d share♥️

Sweet Find. #1

Decided to spend New Years Eve alone, and I actually feel really good about it. Ever since I was able to go out I felt like I had to do something for NYE, it is a time for celebration but who is to say how we are to celebrate? So I stayed in took some medicine (getting over the flu) had some wine and turned on some music. I feel amazing, relaxed ,and full of thoughts. Really had time for reflect on a lot, and thought it would be a great time to share with you all a great little find from Barnes & Noble.

Now I promised myself I wasn’t going to be the type of person to start things only on New Years but whenever I really want to, however this little book  I found at Barnes & Noble for about 13 bucks is just right for the New Years occasion.

Its called This Time Next Year : 365 Days of Exploration By Cynthia Scher

I actually found this back in August when I was really suffering with myself, and depression I would go to Barnes & Noble and literally stay in there for hours on end. I still do on my days off, its a good way for me to relax. Anyway! This is a fun little interactive find, its like a journal that will MAKE you reflect on all aspects of your life, there is a question for yourself every day, it is a good way to get into finding yourself, or learning how to self meditate, taking a measly 5-10 minutes out of your day to write about yourself is perfect for your inner peace, and when you’re done you should be able to decipher the best life for you.

If you think this is something that you need, try it!

I will add the link and a picture of the book,  I believe it is on sale now  for 10$. ♥

Happy New Year, & Happy Self-Awarness.


365 Days of Exploration365 Days of Exploration365 Days of Exploration