Here I am.



“All you do is talk about what you want out of life how successful you want to be, then you start all these major projects, and never follow through… and then a month later you talk about how depressed and unfulfilled you are.” Is what my mother said to me today, and it’s true. The one thing I realize is when someone confronts you straightforward it’s something that they’ve noticed long before it comes out of their mouth, and more then likely more than one person in your circle notices your behavior, including  yourself. But of course if you’re like me you think there is nothing wrong with you until you’re  smacked in the face with the cold hard facts and you just can’t deny.

So, here I am the 27 year-old woman living at home with her parents, alone, ambitious, lost, dreamer & entrepreneur (yes I have a business… no I’m not consistent with it the way I should be)  taking a chance to do something I can be proud of, being heard, and hopefully connecting with others who are going through the same things as me. I figured there are a lot of us out there trying to find their own path in life, do things we love, make money, be able to live the way we dream, experiment, find who we are, and our magical talents , fall in love with someone or something, and just finally stop feeling sorry for ourselves and do something about it.

I want to wake up one day and be proud of who I am and what I’ve accomplished/experimented.I want to wake up everyday motivated enough to reach success, I’m a dreamer… we all are .The visions in our head are possible, whatever it is, we can do it. I haven’t lived much life yet and I have yet to begin, life is a gift, its golden, you are gold, I am gold lets heal/find ourselves together and start living the life that’s intended for us. Whatever you love to do , do it.

That’s what Healing Gold is all about….




3 thoughts on “Here I am.

  1. all smiles from here i’m pop lock and droppin’ alll over this, boo love and huggx you put so much positive energy into this space know this . You Are Boundless ♥ ~bless

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