1st Step to healing yourself…

IS TO LET GO OF WHAT OTHERS THINK/EXPECT OF YOU!!! I can’t stress that enough before you can fix yourself inside you have to get rid of caring about outside opinions. You are the owner of your body & your mind, ultimately you will always decide your own fate. And of course it’s easier said than done! This is honestly the one thing that personally ails me, I want to please everyone, so I conform and adjust and conform and adjust to everyone’s liking until I just don’t recognize myself or who I am anymore. I HATE IT. Plain & Simple. If someone makes a comment about something I wear, do or say I instantly try to conceal who I really am to appease them. All I am doing is being FAKE. DO NOT BE FAKE. I REPEAT YOU DO NOT BE FAKE.  All that leaves you with in the end is low self- esteem, unhappiness, and spiteful relationships/friendships.


The worst are the Dream Killers, you feel great sharing with others (most often friends & family) your life goals/plans and they just put a dagger right in it telling you what you cant do and why ….they can persuade you so much you believe them, and unfortunately give up…That’s the ultimate price of letting others interpret your life for you. Seriously, one night I was out among friends, having a good-bye get together for one of my old middle school buddies, and was asked ‘where do you see yourself living in the next few years?’ I said ‘New York’, honestly has been my dream to move there since I can remember… anyway one of my friends chimes in and says ‘ WELL you nor I can afford NEW YORK so I’m not going to be fake and act like I can’… I knew that comment bothered me because, that’s been a true dream of mine since forever that’s my one ultimate goal and here I am being told that I’m fake because I want to move there?… I mean I agreed… because I could barely afford to live in a cardboard box.But it ultimately got to me and I started to truly believe it and put their words into my actions, maybe I need to dream smaller, and realize I can’t move there its not possible…  And that has been my mindset until a few weeks ago I have finally been snapping out of it and getting back to my own goals and making the plans to succeed and reach the dreams God put in my head (and what God gives you no one can take it away! ) It’s just a prime example of how much power we tend to give others over our own LIFE….it’s just rotten.

Now that most of my ranting is done, I thought I’d share with how I’ve been getting back on track with accomplishing goals without the integration of outside suggestions… And for me it’s just one, two & three simple rules to follow. So here we go…

I believe there are a few ways to stay confident and not allow people to kill your mood/dreams, and here they are:

  1. Keep it to yourself. – If anything keeping your positive thoughts on the hush is always a plus, what you’re thinking will be purely untouched for your enjoyment, no one will be able to add their unwanted two cents, or how they would take your plan and do it differently, no one will be able to say you cant do it, and the best thing about keeping hush about your dreams is that there will always be an element of surprise when you accomplish them!
  2. Talk/Surround yourself with supportive & positive people.– this is important… the company you keep will definitely shape you for better or worse in this case we are talking about the better half…  We all have someone that we can talk to that will support us with all of our goals (even the bad ones) if you just have to share with someone your wonderful dreams and goals, share it with that positive person!
  3. Believe in your own damn self– People denied Oprah…Dwell on that for a moment… OPRAH. Wouldn’t give her chances!Didn’t like her style! And look where she is today… No one denies her now. Its Cliché but believe in yourself, whenever someone says you can’t … SHOW ‘EM YOU CAN!







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