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Is it good to be vulnerable?




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  1. To the right people. We will always be vulnerable to someone. Its the point of having a relationship with someone. Whether that person uses yoour vunerability against you is entirely up to them. It just shows that they are miserable or not of good character. But we should never feel wrong for trusting someone and letting our guards down. We all want to be loved and understood its only human nature.

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    1. This is just what I had in mind. And I couldn’t have said it better than you did ☺
      Letting our guards down with the RIGHT people in our lives oftentimes turn out to be helpful, at least on my part.

      Vulnerability connotes a deeper sense of trust.

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      1. I believe what you say, when I allow myself to be vulnerable I grow…. but, since Ive been scarred by a lot of people I have been vulnerable to, I cant say my trust has grown for others but I do know I trust myself more and more. 🙂


      2. Sorry to hear about others hurting you, I guess we all are, at certain point, had been hurt by others too. Sometimes God uses people (and situation) not to torment us but to “train” us and bring out the best in us, and thru them we grow.
        I don’t want to be melodramatic, but vulnerability has been given by most people the negative definition. Who’s to blame? The dictionary primarily defines it as such! On one hand, we have been offered our salvation because of Jesus and God choosing vulnerability over power.
        We can be vulnerable to God. To people? Choose wisely. Vulnerability, to me, warrants risk and demands trust.
        Just like you, I, too, have been let down by other people to the point of having extreme issues about trust. But, having the great opportunity to sometimes share God’s words to other people, I’ve seen the power of vulnerability to help us change many things in our lives, especially our spirituality.
        Let us keep on fighting.

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      3. That’s beautiful, i agree we have to keep fighting. It’s great to go through obstacles because you learn, you grow and continue to keep going. It can be hard but it’s definitely rewarding in the end!

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    2. I agree, I never had an issue with letting people in but I often find myself letting the wrong people in and often they take advantage, it makes me feel as if its a bad thing. However, I do feel as if I’ve grown a lot and have become stronger, emotionally and mentally so in my regards that’s a good thing! IMY btw♥


      1. I love you and miss you! I know how you feel in that regards that’s why I give people a little piece of vunerability and see what they do with it. Once I see what they are about that’s when I decide if I will take them even further into my life. But you can never really know anyone. Yes you’ve grown a lot, I can see the difference. You’re still a lovely beautiful person but you are more cautious who you let in. I am really glad of that! Everyone can’t handle a Jewel such as yourself .

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      2. Aw thanks ❤️ that’s sweet of you to say but I don’t feel like a jewel 🙈 And I agree it’s really hard to see someone for who they truly are most of the time until after you’ve invested some feelings and time into them. Can you send me your email on the befriend me page I been unable to contact you otherwise :/.


  2. There’s vulnerability in that sense, but what about in being a little vulnerable like going up on a stage and doing “Spoken Word”?
    Or singing a song in front of a crowd.
    Or going for that job?

    In that sense it’s okay to be vulnerable.
    I’m in this phase of my life.
    I put myself in a vulnerable position in starting my own blog and unknowingly I’m much happier in life and by the feedback.

    **😂 I’m so focused on myself I can’t even think of relationships right now. But I understand what the first two comments meant.

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    1. Right, I love that you put that into perspective, there are many ways to be vulnerable, I understand your position as I too am in those current stages of life! And I agree if you don’t allow yourself to be then you might never find your happiness.

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  3. I think being vulnerable is fine. But I do think its best to stay conscious while being vulnerable though. Oftentimes, people think that because you are vulnerable you are weak which is not always the case. Great post love!! 🙂

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  4. Good question. I think the answer is yes and no. Being vulnerable is dangerous because we are at the whim of others. But, in relationships, we need to be vulnerable with our partners. We need to be able to break down and cry and invest all of our cares in them.

    I also think that vulnerable is part of the human condition. We will always be vulnerable to disasters – but this is part of what makes life beautiful and worth living. A life that cannot be lost is not a life worth living, right?

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    1. Wow, such an amazing perspective. I do agree, relationships only work with vulnerability. And I didn’t think to see it that way pertaining to disasters we are vulnerable every day unwillingly when we walk out the safety of our home and even there we can be vulnerable. Thank you for your views, they made me broaden my horizons on this topic 🙂 And I agree no life lost if no life lived.♥ You’re amazing!

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