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I did it!

My logo on etsy!!

After about 2.5 years I finally put my lotions on etsy it’s been a long journey but I promised myself this year I will be VULNERABLE and, Put myself out there. Let me tell you I was MY OWN OBSTACLE for those 2.5 years I just never felt as if my product or I was good enough. But through hard work/ trial and error I’m blessed to say I did it and I’m trying I feel happy and I already had 1 sale! (Yes I’m proud of that). Can’t wait to see it grow.


Shipping out my product!



I wanted to share this with you all because I know there is something you are afraid of putting out in the open and I can honestly say fear is not an option for you. The worst thing can happen is that you don’t get the results you want but at the end of the day you DID IT AND YOU SHOULD BE PROUD OF YOURSELF FOR TRYING AND HOLD YOURSELF IN HIGH REGARD!!!

Keep striving!